Entrepreneurial Incubator Panel

Entrepreneurial Incubator Panel
4 p.m. Video Conference. The Entrepreneurial Mindset during the Covid-19 Crisis: The Covid-19 Crisis has changed the world as we know it, with over 30 million people suddenly becoming unemployed. Many people who would have never considered entrepreneurship are having to think of new ways to care for themselves and their families. We will talk to several successful entrepreneurs on the role that having the right mindset played in their success and what does it take to become a successful entrepreneur, especially in such challenging times?  Is it luck, great ideas or having the right mindset to succeed? Why do some people have great ideas but are unable to execute a successful plan and others become millionaires and have started successful businesses? What makes the difference between success and failure? Entrepreneurs aren’t born but can be made with the correct mindset.
Advance registration is required through the Philadelphia Bar Association and registration closes 30 minutes prior to the meeting start time. You will receive the link to join the video conference immediately after registration closes.
6/3/2020 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Video Conference Once Registered, You Will Receive the Link to Join 30 Minutes Prior to the Start of the Meeting
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