CLE - VIDEO ENCORE: Restorative Justice in Criminal Justice

CLE - VIDEO ENCORE: Restorative Justice in Criminal Justice
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VIDEO ENCORE: The Role of Restorative Justice in Criminal Justice Reform

With the protests and civil unrest that has swept the nation, Philadelphia was no stranger in dealing with criminal justice and police brutality issues. As a result, Philadelphia police arrested over 700+ individuals. With COVID-19 causing a significant backlog of criminal cases, legal groups coalesced to develop a program to deal, specifically, with the protest related cases. A Restorative Justice Model was developed in order to deal with these protest cases in a fair and equitable way. 

This video-encore CLE addresses what Restorative Justice means generally and examines the Philadelphia Restorative Justice Model in detail. Panelists will explore how it may work to improve the criminal justice system. Additionally, this CLE will address the details concerning the rollout of the Juvenile Restorative Justice Model that was implemented in Philadelphia late spring of 2021.

Attend this program to learn what “Restorative Justice” means and how the implementation of this model approach to justice may work to improve Philadelphia criminal justice practices.

Course Planner/Moderator:
Troy H. Wilson, Esq.
Troy H. Wilson, Esquire, LLC
Jody Dodd, Esq.
Restorative Justice Facilitator 
Philadelphia District Attorney's Office

Kavita Goyal
Defender Community Partnerships Coordinator
Defender Association of Philadelphia
Rev. Greg Holston
Senior Advisor on Advocacy and Policy
Office of the District Attorney of Philadelphia

Reverend Dr. Donna Lawrence Jones

Founding Pastor, Cookman Beloved Community Baptist Church
Executive Director, Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia (MCCP)

Jonathan B. Strange, Esq.
Assistant Defender
Defender Association of Philadelphia


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1/25/2022 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Philadelphia Bar Association Via WEBCAST PA UNITED STATES
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