CLE - Elder Issues Dispute Resolution Trng - LIVE WEBCAST

CLE - Elder Issues Dispute Resolution Trng - LIVE WEBCAST
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Elder Issues Dispute Resolution Training

Presented with CORA Good Shepherd Mediation

This virtual one-day program is intended for trained mediators who would like to handle disputes involving older adults, which often raise issues not encountered in general mediation practice.  Although older adults may become involved in the same sorts of disputes as do adults of any age, there are conflicts which, by their nature, are experienced particularly in the lives of the elderly. In addition, even in cases where the subject of a dispute is not specifically age-related, age may play a significant role in how well the older adult’s voice is heard in the conflict. Conflicts involving elders often arise within the context of life crises such as illness and/or progressive disability, the death of a spouse, the sale of a treasured home, or simply the sense of loss that may accompany advancing age. Such experiences often exacerbate a sense of vulnerability that the elder individual is already feeling.

Elder mediation cases tend to be multi-party and involve a complex mix of legal, medical, and psychosocial issues. This training will provide an overview of the aforementioned issues for the experienced mediator. 

Featured speakers will address the following topics, among others: 
  • Elder and estate legal issues
  • Ageism
  • Elder abuse
  • Capacity to mediate
  • Additional useful conflict resolution models

Attend this full day training program to learn innovative skills involved in becoming an effective mediator in elder disputes and provide a more solid foundation for our elder community. 

Featured Speakers:
Sue Wasserkrug, Esq.
Program Administrator 
CORA Good Shepherd Mediation

Barbara E. Foxman, LCSW
Lafayette Hill, PA
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9/21/2021 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Philadelphia Bar Association Via WEBCAST Philadelphia, PA UNITED STATES
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