CLE - VIDEO ENCORE: Essentials of Virtual Conferencing

CLE - VIDEO ENCORE: Essentials of Virtual Conferencing
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VIDEO ENCORE: The Essentials of Virtual Conferencing with GoToMeeting, Microsoft (MS) Teams, and Zoom

Whether a matter to convenience or public policy, staying connected while apart through video conferencing has become a vital part of our modern world. As court operations, depositions, mediations, client meetings/communications, etc. move to a telephonic or virtual method, we all need to know and understand what virtual platforms are available, most used and how to efficiently and effectively operate within one of those platforms.

In this video-encore CLE program, you will get to know three of the major platforms providing these virtual meeting services: GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Upon completing this program, attendees will be empowered to use these or any other similar services safely and effectively no matter whether contacting clients, colleagues, family members or friends.

Speakers will cover the following information during this program:
  •  Comparison of GoToMeeting, MS Teams, and Zoom
  •  Account Setup and Best Security Settings
  •  Testing Video and Audio Setup
  •  Looking and Sounding Good: Production Value Best Practices
  •  Joining Meetings
  •  Scheduling and Hosting Meetings Securely
  •  Managing Participants
  •  Overview Advanced Features: Recording, Screen Sharing, Breakout Rooms, and More
This is a "CAN'T MISS" program to learn about one of the most valuable resources, as we continue to resume business and move into the future of an increase in remote operations!

Michael P. McAndrews
Logic Choice Business Technologies, LLC
Robert W Miller
Logic Choice Business Technologies, LLC

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1/12/2021 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Philadelphia Bar Association Via WEBCAST Philadelphia, PA UNITED STATES
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