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Program for newly admitted or reinstated attorney.

Brought to you by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board

Over the years, the Disciplinary Board of Pennsylvania has recorded an increasing number of complaints filed against newly admitted attorneys for violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct which directly relate to the practical aspects of operating a law office. 

The result was the Bridge the Gap program, intended to give all newly-admitted PA attorneys the "know-how" which is otherwise learned through trial and error. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania approved a rule change requiring newly admitted lawyers to complete the Bridge the Gap program by their first CLE compliance deadline. 

This program focuses on key issues of ethics and professionalism that are essential for all attorneys admitted to practice law. 

Topics include: 
  • Ethical issues and best practice issues in forming the attorney-client relationship Evaluating and addressing conflicts 
  • Handling communications with clients, opposing counsel, the courts and third parties
  • Handling client funds 
  • Handling client files and confidential information 
  • The disciplinary process and sanctions 
  • Overview of PA Supreme Court Disciplinary System 
  • Diversity and Inclusion

 Featured Speaker:
Stephen I. Kasloff, Esq.

Mr. Kasloff has been working in the field of organizational ethics for more than two decades, having served as the ethics officer of one of the world’s largest security services firms and leading that company’s nationally recognized, award winning corporate ethics program. He has played an active role in national ethics organizations, and has taught and lectured on business ethics at Pennsylvania State University – where he serves as CLE instructor in business ethics and Bridge the Gap – the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Memphis and other venues.

He has been honored by the Ethics Resource Center – the nation’s oldest ethics advocacy NGO – for his service in its leading edge Fellows Program, a roundtable of senior ethics practitioners representing the corporate, academic, government and non-profit sectors.

8/15/2020 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Philadelphia Bar Association LIVE VIA WEBCAST PA UNITED STATES
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