CLE - VIDEO ENCORE: Biased, Me? Decision-Making & Litigating

CLE - VIDEO ENCORE: Biased, Me? Decision-Making & Litigating
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM - Lunch and registration begin at 11:30 AM Materials will be provided electronically prior to the program. 2.0 ETH credits

Biased? Me? - Decision-Making and Litigating in a Divided Nation

So much of the practice of law involves decision-making and convincing others to make better decisions based upon fact rather than emotion. Our own opinions may conflict with those of our clients or communities. 

In the first hour of this video-encore program entitled, Biased? Me? - The Biology and Psychology of Decision-making and How Lawyers Can Improve Interpersonal Skills, focuses on guiding attendees to appreciate how they involuntarily make decisions and encouraging them to recognize and prevent bias, as well as, beginning to effectively communicate with persons whose bias affects others. 

In the second hour entitled, Litigating in a Divided Nation: Worldview and Influences on Law Practice and Client Relations, attendees begin to recognize that our own opinions may conflict with those of our clients or communities. Can we manage those in a way which results in effective counsel? What is the difference between "fluid" and "fixed" views? What is "false consensus" and how does that harden viewpoints? Hear strategies on how to re-frame issues for success, while understanding how we involuntarily make decisions.

Outlined by the following topics, attendees learn the hurdles to understanding how we involuntarily make decisions and strategies to re-frame issues for success.

  • The biology of human decision-making, including emotion, mood, complex cognition, and reasoning
  • The psychology of decision-making, heuristics, issue-framing
  • The seven steps to effective decision-making
  • Self-serving bias, confirmation bias, and epistemic closure
  • The backfire effect of receiving contradictory evidence
  • Crushing your insular cortex to relieve the stress of unacceptable truth
  • Justification and politicization, and false consensus
  • Tipping points to change misperceptions
  • Professional training received by judges
  • Strategies to prevent bias in your own decision-making
  • Strategies in communicating to third-parties
  • Reframing issues, and overcoming misunderstandings

Josh J.T. Byrne, Esq. - Swartz Campbell, LLC, Philadelphia
Andrew Feldman
- Claim Consultant, CNA Lawyers Professional Liability
Mark LeFever
- Vice President, Sales and Client Management, USI Affinity
Kristy M. Castagna, Esq.
- Kane, Pugh, Knoell, Troy & Kramer, LLP, Philadelphia
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1/17/2020 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Philadelphia Bar Association 1101 Market St., 10th Floor Board Room Philadelphia, PA 19107 UNITED STATES
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