CLE - VIDEO ENCORE: Philadelphia Property Tax Foreclosure

The City of Philadelphia has increased its filing of property tax foreclosures by 1200% in recent years. Many lawyers handle private mortgage foreclosures, but are not familiar with the different rules and procedures involved in defending a property tax foreclosure in Philadelphia. In this video-encore, attendees will learn the basic procedures used in a tax foreclosure case pursuant to the Municipal Claims and Tax Liens Act (MCTLA) and the current Court of Common Pleas procedures that have evolved to handle the increased filings. Panelists will provide an overview of the City's Tax Foreclosure Prevention Program created to help preserve Philadelphia's high rate of homeownership while collecting needed revenue for City services. Attendees will walk-away with guidance regarding the timeline of tax foreclosure process, City filing procedures and defenses/redemption.
Philadelphia Bar Association 11th Floor Conference Center 1101 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19107
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